Three Y-01 vases in three sizes in simple tapered shape with collar on top made of bronze. Inside surface is gold and shiny and outside dark and matt


The vase series Y 01 displays the beauty of bronze in all its facets. Fascinating is the stark contrast between the bright and glossy interior and the textured, matt exterior of the vase. The entire bronze casting process is made visible in the products. The outside shows the material in an untreated state.

The bronze turns black through oxidation.
The highly polished inside of the vase is gold-plated.
The shapes and sizes of the three vases are reminiscent of the forms of glass vessels used in chemistry.

By presenting the various bronze treatment stages, we gave new freshness to the traditional casting process.

Sketch of Y-01 vases in two sizes, featuring a simple, tapered shape with a collar at the top and dimensions indicated