Design innovation in the capital of Bavaria

A new era for top product designers in Munich and its clients in Germany.
Four people sitting together at a table and discussing various concepts

The Transformation in German Industrial Design Studios

This year, we are aiming for a significant transformation in our industrial design and interior design studio, one that brings our core values – aesthetics, functionality, and a heightened commitment to sustainability – even more into focus. In this context, we turn our attention to our location, the city of Munich.

Renowned far beyond its borders as an innovative beacon for interior architecture and industrial design, Munich is celebrated for redefining the rules of design. The vibrant metropolis is known for its unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, thereby actively shaping new trends across the industry.

Four people sitting together at a table and discussing various concepts

Munich and the creative Landscape for product design and innovation

Munich, or as it’s locally known München, the historic capital of Bavaria, has established itself as a center for industrial and digital design innovation, with numerous product designer jobs. The city is a thriving ecosystem composed of large and small companies, design agencies, and innovation studios. These entities work closely with their user to develop products that embody the latest trends in design and innovation. This is also reflected in our client portfolio. Many companies are open to new innovations and increasingly appreciate our craftsmanship and creative thinking.

This helps even established companies, which may have rested on their laurels for too long, to gain new perspectives. Our team has also evolved in this regard, as seen in our expanded service catalog. We offer not only expertise in specialized areas but also understand how to provide our clients with a broader spectrum of services from a single source. This allows us to operate beyond individual core areas and offer more comprehensive support.

Four people sitting together at a table and discussing various concepts

Visions and Solutions for the product design scene – 2024: Sustainability at the Forefront

In building our brand’s reputation, we recognize that by 2024, development companies must merge growth with sustainability, as suggested by the 2024 reviews. They are focusing on innovative solutions that integrate ecological, economic, and social aspects. A key point is the circular economy: products should be recyclable or reusable, which promotes resource conservation and new business models. Social sustainability includes fair working conditions and equal opportunities, as well as supporting local communities. Transparency in business processes strengthens trust and promotes a sustainable corporate culture. For almost every well-known company, sustainability is an essential part of their strategy in 2024 and crucial for a sustainable future. What was once often criticized as greenwashing has now become the standard. In fact, customers in Western societies are willing to pay more for ecological and fair products, which is hopefully reflected in a steadily increasing range of such products.

How does Alexander Rehn Design studio deal with environmental aspects? Since we primarily design timeless, durable, and high-quality products, we can proudly claim not to be a part of fast-paced design. On the contrary, we offer our partners an immersive experience, providing comprehensive impressions through 3D visualizations and modified prototypes to avoid unnecessary production. In addition, we strive to make our productions as local as possible, including locations in Germany, Bosnia, Sweden, and Turkey.

Four people sitting together at a table and discussing various concepts

Among other exciting projects, our team focuses on manufacturing with developers to establish new trends.

In recent years, the world of product design companies has experienced a remarkable transformation, where aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability are harmoniously intertwined. As an active part of the Munich design scene, we observe a successful blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, enabling many companies to make significant contributions to shaping global design trends. Regardless of the current economic situation, designers offer a forward-looking perspective, identifying early on which ideas and solutions will be in demand in the near future. Moreover, they understand how to professionally implement these ideas in new products. 

Advances in digitalization, artificial intelligence, and numerous new production techniques continually open up new manufacturing methods for creative professionals, many of which are still unknown to a wide range of customers. In light of these developments, this year we are placing a special focus on our own manufactured products. These are characterized not only by the use of recyclable materials but are also made directly in our studio in Munich.